Prayer is one way of showing devotion to God. In this spiritual aspect, having focus on meditation should be the primary focus and rosary is of great help. It will keep you track on how many times you have already said the prayer.We have rosaries that range in different colors such as red, brown, silver, gold, black and many more. As for the materials, the wood of an olive tree and hematite stones are used.All are said, our rosaries are just mediums to a smooth meditation. However, it is your faith that will bring forth to salvation. So keep up the faith and be with the Highest at all times.Enjoy Shopping!Always here for you.Contact us 24 \ 7 : info@82global.com

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Purple Glass Rosary Beads Cross Necklace- Purple Rosary

Purple Glass Rosary Beads Cross Necklace- Purple Rosary

24.99 USD
Best purple glass rosary beads cross necklace. We have one of finest range of many kinds of purple rosary beads available online for delivery direct to you

Approx. 22" Long
Crucifix Size Approx. 2"
Bead size Appox. 0.5"

Wonderful Gift For A Loved One (Or Yourself)!